ARCTIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AI) has a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy within our Code of Business Conduct that creates an organization-wide culture of setting and maintaining the highest possible safety standards.

This objective keeps our employees safe and also ensures our clients can be confident that their projects will be completed with an emphasis on safety excellence. AI works with all of its employees to ensure they complete their responsibilities in addition to complying with all applicable laws, industry standards and the organization’s strong policies and procedures relating to workplace safety.

AI safety policy affirms that;

  • AI considers as a priority the wellbeing of its employees, the clients, the public and the environment.
  • AI’s Health, Safety and Environment objectives are given substantial value with other business objectives without compromise to our commitments to the secured workforce; safe workplace and protected environment.
  • Every AI’s employee is made aware of the requirements of our Health, Safety and Environment policy through regular safety meetings and training. Those policies are reflected in individual actions as well as processes and procedures employed throughout AI’s operations and activities.

As part of measures to ensuring sustainable environment, reducing the carbon footprint and the risk of climate change, AI emphasizes the use of recyclable materials, efficient use of energy and surpasses the local regulations on waste management.