Cities & Urban Development

Cities have been identified as the hosting place for a large number and diverse population. The needs and requirements of this large population are equally diverse and dynamic. Cities, globally, are striving to meet the needs of their residents through provisioning of vibrant infrastructure and spaces. AI is strongly participating in the delivery of urban infrastructure through various projects on urban system and services.

AI’s expertise in urban system and services ranges from climate resilience, environment, education, energy, healthcare, housing, intelligent and smart urban infrastructure, transport, water to waste management, we are active in the production of city and infrastructure plans while our unique and luminous skills in urban regeneration and settlement planning are impressive.


AI recognized the constrained associated with mobility and transportation sector in developing countries and the need to sustain existing transport infrastructure in developed countries, the organization is, therefore, playing vibrant roles in the sector through dynamic involvement in the delivery value chain. AI operations in the transportation sector cover road, rail, air and water; we provide project design and plans. We engage in engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance for ports, harbours, roads, metros and tracks.


AI expertise in green building design, construction, renovation, upgrading and management is strong. We engage in housing, commercial, industrial, recreational and institutional structures. AI converges, in a unique manner, the technical skills, innovation and human resources to provide integrated services on clients’ buildings and structures.

Environment and Climate Change

The risk of climate change has continued to threaten lives and assets, globally. AI’s intervention in the environment is to promote and participate in the projects that will mitigate the risk of climate change and reduce carbon footprint. We undertake feasibility studies, plan and construction of shoreline protection and flood prevention projects. We mobilize our workforce to deliver quality projects on dredging, drainage system, canals, water channels, solid waste and regeneration of coastal settlements. Our experiences in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects are distinctive as we get involved in policy framework to reduce the risk of climate change.

Sustainable Energy and Power

Power remains a major infrastructure in the development and growth of any community. In many urban areas of developing countries, the supply of these critical resources has not matched the demand; AI has agglomerated the required skills and human resources to provide services in the value chain of the power sector including generation, transmission and distribution. As an organization working towards sustainable and resilience communities, AI undertakes projects in renewable energy including wind, solar, biomass and waste to power.

Research, Training and Policy Intervention in Infrastructure

Research, training and policy intervention is at the heart of AI’s operation to connect practice, knowledge and experience in the infrastructure sector. AI provides consultancy services, conduct research and training in urban development and resilience, and infrastructure delivery. It undertakes soft infrastructure-related projects such as feasibility studies, evaluation, monitoring and assessment of projects, and policy formulation.