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Posted 3 years ago

ARCTIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AI) is a multi-disciplinary private establishment with a broad focus on infrastructure delivery, urban development and environment. It is a development organization engaging in the planning, procurement, construction and management of infrastructure and spaces. 

ARCTIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AI) envisions a world where access to sustainable infrastructure and the livable environment will not be restricted to any human being based on social, economic or spatial status. It is committed to improving access to good living conditions and promotes harmony between development and the environment.

Since establishment, ARCTIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AI) has been making a significant impact in education, energy, healthcare, housing, transportation, water and sanitation sectors and overall urban development and infrastructure project delivery and management. AI’s projects and programs are focusing on urban transformation that provides more inclusive, equitable, sustainable, resilient and affordable urban infrastructure and services to meet the essentials of growing cities’ population, especially in developing countries. Projects and programs are aligned to reducing climate change impact and achieving the provisions of the relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

In strengthening its upward mobility as a leading global urban development and infrastructure delivery organization and pursuing its strategic infrastructure delivery roles in the year, AI will be working with international partners including United States Agency for International Development, WaterAid UK and Green Climate Fund, six states’ governments across Nigeria and private sector partners. Therefore, the position of a Head of Projects has emerged in Lagos, Nigeria.

The incumbent will work in an exciting organization but demanding professional environment with opportunities to initiate and execute innovative ideas.

All applications regarding the vacant position should be forwarded to Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until Friday, February 12, 2021.

The incumbent will report to the Project Director and the Board, and have direct responsibilities as follows;
1. Oversee and coordinate the implementation of all the projects and programs in AI’s portfolio.
2. Provide quality control to all clients outputs and reports.
3. Ensure strict implementation of projects’ plans per project management methods, standards and processes while accommodating and managing successfully unexpected activities.
4. Lead on the preparation of a new strategic plan that will guide the next phase of the ARCTIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AI’s) growth.
5. Prepare and ensure the timely submission of projects, activities and other relevant reports as stipulated in different projects implementation plans.
6. Manage human, budgetary and financial resources allocated for different projects.
7. Prepare further operations and action plans; aligning monetary resources; measuring and analyzing results; anticipating requirements, trends, and variances; initiating corrective actions; and minimizing the impact of variances.
8. Ensure that all project’s deliverables are accomplished within the stipulated period in the implementation plans.
9. Prepare project, activities and other relevant reports monthly for submission and briefing of the Project Director.
10. Lead in the preparation of new proposals and bids for projects.
11. Strengthen the existing procedure for managing, tracking, monitoring and recording projects’ progress and costs.
12. Convene, in conjunction with the Project Director, periodic meetings of the Board of Directors.
13. Execute any other administrative or technical management roles as may be assigned from time to time.

The incumbent will be selected based on the following criteria;
1. Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Project Management, Infrastructure Development, Sustainable Development or any related field.
2. 8 years’ practical knowledge of preparing or working with urban development and infrastructure plans, law, regulations, policies, projects and programs.
3. Strong writing skill is required.
4. Membership of relevant professional associations is a must.
5. Good knowledge of the operational transformation of development management institution.
6. Good knowledge of implementing physical development plans, Geographic Information System, infrastructure mapping and development trends and projections. Knowledge of the city’s system will be a strong advantage.
7. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, MS Project, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, other physical development software and project management applications for analysis, reporting and presentations.
8. Use of Artificial Intelligence Equipment (AIE) in cities’ development analysis will be a strong advantage.
9. Excellent interpersonal and people management skills.
10. A vibrant and self-starter with the ability to motivate team members.

All applications regarding the vacant position should be forwarded to Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until Friday, February 12, 2021.

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Opening for the position of Head of Projects at Arctic Infrastructure, Lagos, Nigeria. All applications regarding the vacant position should be forwarded to Applications will b...