Our company is a collective of amazing stakeholders striving to build a recognizable infrastructure brand

AI is a multidisciplinary infrastructure delivery organization that is responding to the gaps in providing new installations and maintaining existing infrastructure in different parts of the world

AI is steadily emerging as a strong infrastructure firm in Nigeria; it has successfully implemented series of public infrastructure projects while its principal officers have, in the past, participated in high profile and prestigious projects both locally and internationally. Some of our projects are;

1savethechildrenUrban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Infrastructure
2heinrichbollabujaClimate Change, Housing, Transportation and Urban Development
3SUPPORT, SwitzerlandHealthcare Infrastructure
4allianceHousing, Green Space, Transportation Infrastructure Water, and Urban Development (Lagos Lagoon City)
5usaidWater and Sanitation
6wateraidClimate Change, Flooding, Water and Sanitation
7edostatelogoUrban Development
8lasgrologoClimate Change, Urban Development and Resilience
9mangroovelogoWater Resources Management and Sanitation